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Insight Welding Information Management Systems

Actionable information and advanced process controls to drive your business forward.

To take your business to the next level, you need talent, drive, determination ... and Insight welding information management systems. Developed by Miller to help welding operations increase productivity, improve quality and manage costs, Insight systems can be among the highest-returning investments you make in your business.

If you want to monitor welding process outputs to compare the performance of different weld operators, work groups, devices or shifts ... if you need to better manage advanced welding and fabrication processes ... or if you simply want to be more competitive and profitable ... there's an Insight system that can work for you.

What's the right Insight welding information management system for you? It depends on the Miller® power sources you currently have, or plan to upgrade to. See the graphic below for Insight system compatibility with Miller equipment.

  • Insight Core

    • 14-pin products

      14-pin products

      (Deltaweld®, Dimension®, Invision®, XMT®)

    • Axcess

      Axcess® &

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    Axcess® E &
    Auto-Axcess E

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  • Insight Core™


    A simplified, Internet-based weld data solution that collects, rapidly transmits and presents actionable information to any Web-connected device in the world.

    • Increase productivity. Do you know which weld operators are more productive and which need additional training? Insight Core can tell you.
    • Improve weld quality. Are weld defects escaping your detection? Insight Core can identify out-of-threshold welds and the operators creating them.
    • Manage costs. What are your true welding costs â�� and where are your best opportunities to reduce them? Insight Core can help you find out.

    arrow-small Roll over the yellow dots to learn more about the Main Dashboard.

    New Dashboard
    Main Dashboard
    A complete overview of essential performance metrics about your welding operation
    Asset Tree
    An inventory of power sources within your fleet that are enabled with Insight Core � organized by building, department or machine � showing real-time activity status icons
    Productivity Dashboard
    Instant visibility of arc-on time and wire deposition, by location, by work cell or by power source
    Goals Dashboard
    Shows progress toward continuous improvement goals you set for improving arc-on time, deposition rates and arc starts
    Events Dashboard
    Provides a record of welder uptime, connectivity, and machine-level events and errors as they occur
    Quality Dashboard
    Real-time analysis and reporting of every weld made, revealing when quality fails to meet established thresholds for amps, volts, and WFS

    Main Dashboard � Daily Status Overview

    With Insight Core, you'll get more than just raw weld data. You'll get real information you can use to make positive, impactful decisions:

    • Information is delivered to your computer, tablet, smartphone â�� any Web-enabled device â�� anywhere in the world.
    • Dashboards provide quick, at-a-glance access to key information and metrics about your welding operation's productivity, quality and progress toward goals.
    • In-depth information is available in reports that can be easily modified and displayed in a wide variety of customizable formats.

    Top Hat Module Available for Axcess® power sources and for 14-pin compliant power sources using an easy-to-install upgrade module, Insight Core can help you get the most out of your existing Miller® welding fleet.

    How it works:

    1. As operators weld with Insight-enabled power sources, data is generated and automatically transmitted.
    2. Data is sent to the cloud, where it's processed, organized, securely stored and made available to view.
    3. Dashboards and reports are available using a browser on any Web-enabled device.
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    Online Simulator. Hands-on experience with an actual Insight Core welding information management system click here.

    14 pin compatibility learn more


    Insight Core Brochure



    Tech Articles

  • Insight Centerpoint™

    Advanced, real-time operator feedback to provide process control � to maximize quality and efficiency in welding and fabrication.

    • Streamline weld operator training. By guiding operators through complicated weld sequences and alerting them to errors in real time, Insight Centerpoint can reduce weld operator training time and improve the quality of the products they produce.
    • Ensure quality welds. Do you know which welds meet your standards? Insight Centerpoint can monitor each weld for current, voltage, wire feed speed, duration and gas flow (optional).
    • Detect welding mistakes. The cost of a missed or defective weld can be staggering if it results in a field failure or liability claim. Mistakes are going to happen. The earlier in the manufacturing process they can be detected, the less they cost to fix. Insight can help reduce costs by alerting you to potential welding mistakes.


    Welding and fabrication are complex processes. Even the best weld operators can benefit from assistance. With Insight Centerpoint, weld operators get immediate guidance and feedback. You'll get assurance that welds have been properly completed � and much more.

    arrow-small Click on the images below to view
    a sequence of screen captures.

    Part Tracking™ â�� Complete governance of the welding process, including a visual HMI that can guide an operator through a predetermined sequence of welds. Monitors current, voltage, wire feed speed, duration and gas flow (optional) to help eliminate missed welds, over welding, under welding and ensure proper sequence control.
    WorkFlow™ â�� Total governance of the entire fabrication process, including all types of non-welding instructions as well as all the benefits of Part Tracking. Embed images, video, audio and virtually any other file type to help operators correctly fabricate weldments every time.
    Insight Reporter™ â�� Provides information via a wide range of preconfigured process, production, and management charts and reports. This information is stored in an SQL server database, which contains data from multiple Access® E and Insight Centerpoint sources.

    Upgrade module
    Leverage your investment in current
    Axcess power sources by upgrading
    to Access E functionality.

    Factory Network Deployment with
    Insight Centerpoint™ and PC for
    Operator Interface
    � Maximize the benefit
    by having a graphical HMI in each station to
    provide instant feedback and assistance to
    the operator.

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Which system is right for you?

Every welding operation has different needs. Here's how to choose the right Insight welding information management system to meet yours.

Review the chart below to compare selected key features of Insight Core™ and
Insight Centerpoint™ that can benefit your business. Some manufacturers benefit
from a combination of both systems, pairing each with the weld machines and processes it best supports.

Integrates with Axcess and Auto Axcess power sources Check
Integrates with Axcess E and Auto Axcess E power sources   Check
Integrates with 14-pin compliant Miller power sources Check  
Web-browser based: no software required Check  
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Weld detail: amps, volts, weld duration Check Check
Productivity: arc-on time, wire deposition (on Axcess only) Check Check
Quality: evaluates every weld compared to pre-defined threshold limits Check Check
Goals: definable targets to improve arc-on time, deposition, arc starts Check  
All information reported by date/time, work cell, shift and machine Check Check
Business Intelligence Tools/Reports
Real-time notifications of key events Check Check
Comparison reports available for any combination of machines and weld cells Check Check
All reports capable of exporting to Microsoft Excel-compatible format Check Check
Advanced reports to analyze welds, parts, productivity, and more   Check
Capable of reporting OEE (overall equipment effectiveness)   Check
Cost calculator: total cost for wire, gas, electricity, and labor per weld and part   Check
Advanced Real-Time Process Control
Part Tracking™: visually and sequentially guides operator through weld process; monitors each weld for current, voltage, wire-feed speed, duration and gas flow (optional)   Check
WorkFlow™: flexible system that governs the entire welding and fabrication process by providing visual non-welding work instructions in addition to the benefits of Part Tracking   Check
Monitors pulse width/frequency, short circuit frequency, peak/background current/voltage   Check
Energy/heat input calculation for total welded/assembled parts   Check
Real-time operator alerts of activities such as over-/under-welding, missing/incomplete welds, sequencing errors, sequential weld guidance for the operator   Check
Data Storage
Internet-based data storage Check  
On-site data storage   Check

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Insight welding information management systems?
You've come to the right place.

Q. I already collect weld data. Why do I need another data-collection solution?

A. If you're collecting weld data manually, you know the process is time-consuming. It can also be prone to errors. It is difficult to capture all the information you need to identify opportunities for improvements in weld quality or productivity, and it can't deliver information in real time. Manually collected welding data also needs to be compiled, interpreted and analyzed before decisions can be made. Insight Core™ and Insight Centerpoint™ can eliminate these pain points.

Q. How is welding information different than arc data monitoring?

A. Arc data is only that: data in the form of numbers. Insight Core and Insight Centerpoint systems translate arc data automatically in real time, delivering actionable information you can use to make effective business decisions.

Q. What's the difference between Insight Core and Insight Centerpoint?

A. Insight Core is focused on providing basic productivity and quality information about the welding process. Insight Centerpoint brings advanced process control information into the actual weld cell to help manage the welding and fabrication process. Some manufacturers benefit from a combination of both Insight Core and Insight Centerpoint.

Q. Do I need to purchase new welding machines to use an Insight system?

A. Current Miller MIG 14-pin compliant power sources can be connected to Insight Core using field upgrade modules; new Axcess® machines can be ordered with Insight Core factory installed. Additionally, a module for Insight Centerpoint is available for Axcess machines as either a field upgrade or factory installed.

Q. How complicated is it to install an Insight upgrade on my machines?

A. Installation doesn't have to be complicated. Insight systems can be easier to get up and running than other welding information management systems. Insight Core connects via either wired Ethernet or an integrated Wi-Fi feature. Insight Core also includes convenient USB support for device setup, data downloads, and firmware updates. Axcess E with Insight Centerpoint is Wi-Fi capable using an external wireless switch (not included).

Q. Do I need to install special software to use an Insight system?

A. Insight Core requires no software: this system securely delivers information and reports to virtually any Internet-enabled device in the world � including tablet computers and smartphones. Insight Centerpoint has advanced welding and fabrication management processes that operate using dedicated PC software installed locally on the shop floor on a dedicated server.

Q. Can I look at the weld information in different ways?

A. Insight dashboards can provide an easy-to-understand snapshot of your welding operation's productivity, quality and progress toward goals. When more-detailed information is required, Insight can deliver it in easy-to-read reports, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Q. What can I do with welding information?

A. Welding information provides valuable insight into your operation that can help make it more competitive and more profitable.

Insight Core systems:

  • Deliver vital facts about weld arc details (arc-on time, deposition, quality, process parameters)
  • Reveal information about adherence to established weld thresholds for amps, volts, wirefeed speed
  • Show your operation's progress toward productivity goals
  • Notify you of key events in real time
  • Deliver reports comparing any combination of machines and weld cells

Insight Centerpoint systems:

  • Have advanced monitoring and process control capabilities
  • Guide operators through complex weld processes and monitor each step of the way
  • Alert/notify operator of missed and out of sequence welds

With Insight systems, you'll get valuable information you can use to increase productivity, manage costs and improve weld quality.

Q. Who can see my company's data?

A. Only persons to whom you give login credentials can see the data. Insight systems require input of a valid username/password combination before access to data is granted.

Q. How secure is my data?

A. Insight Core data is held securely in a Microsoft data center. This data center has ISO 27001-2005 accreditation with backup power generation capability and co-location redundancy. Insight Centerpoint data is stored on customers' on-site computers.

Q. Is there a subscription fee for Insight Core?

A. Insight Core doesn't require any subscription fees to access its cloud-based data storage, which maintains a rolling 90-day window of data.

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